Nocturne Collection

Porto Santo Nocturne Collection

Some of the 18 painting studies I created for this small line of watercolor works. Realized through field observation, memory, and imagination. These landscapes are immersed by the colors of the earth, scents, sounds, and water.
Almost the entire collection was painted on the island of Porto Santo during this summer vacation and some finished in my studio.  Each of these paintings was hand-made with natural pigments, such as clays and minerals.
In painting these landscapes I feel it is a way to meditate, but also a way to share and preserve our natural world, which is so delicate. There is an almost invisible and magical microcosm of beings that live and have their own home here, and are in harmony and symbiosis with everything that surrounds them.

These paintings represent the emotion of returning to our dream places, those where we choose to relax, listen to the silence, and be in tranquility. And these locations can be so close to our hearts.

Do you recognize these landscapes?

Rhythms of Nature

Dunes – Before the rain

Deep Lands

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