The process

       Colors from Nature

   What really moves me on this path of co-creation is the meaning and beauty that I find in Nature. Since I was a child I loved to observe her, the sounds, the movements, the light, and especially her colors. 

   For thousands of years, our ancestors had simply used pure pigments, like clays, minerals and other organic elements to express themselves. Living in connection and with love for the Earth. In my creative process, I am inspired by these ancient techniques and methods.

Oil and earth pigments on linen, detail,  2018


Seed, earth, and water on silk paper, 70 x 50 cm,  2009

A painting made with Earth from the mountains near my home, a warm iron oxide brown.

Ribeira de João Gomes, 2009

In 2009, during a levada walk to a waterfall in Ribeira de João Gomes, in Funchal, I found a warm brown iron oxide, an earth pigment. Which inspired me to create a new collection of paintings, for a Gallery. Since that day, my vision about the whole creative process expanded. I was looking to give a new meaning to my work, so that it would be more in harmony with nature.

The process begins in the studio, preparing the pigments to make ink. 
It’s so magical to know, that these iron oxides from the Earth, have thousands of years and allow us to create.

Landscapes made with Earth Pigments

    A few years ago, I decided to create my paints by hand with earth pigments, collected in different locations around the world, from natural and sustainable sources. A journey of re-discovery, incorporating in my paintings the pigments found in these landscapes. Each pigment we find on Earth is a living element and tells the story of each place. It is a gift from our Creator. 

   These colors have preserved in their core the memories of life on earth from thousands of years ago. In a sense, we are also made from these colors. How wonderful it is.  

All Earth life is One and Interconnected.