The process


    I believe that creating in harmony with nature it’s a process that honor our Mother Earth and our ancestors, that for thousands of years, had simply used pure pigments, like clays, minerals and other organic elements to express themselves. Living in connection and with love for the Earth.

Handmade OIL PAINTING ON LINEN,detail,  2018

     Since the beginning I have always been inspired by nature. Listening her whispers, observing her divine patterns and appreciating the magic in all beings.


Cristina Perneta.jpg

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira Island, early 80’s

SEED, EARTH AND WATER ON SILK paper, 70 x 50 cm,  2009

                A painting made with Earth from the mountains near my home, a warm iron oxide brown.


   Since early 2017, the inks are prepared by hand and the colours are collected in different places of the world from natural and sustainable sources. Making an alignment with my deeper artistic intentions. A way to be closer to nature. Each pigment we found on Land is unique, radiant and a living element. It is a gift from our Creator.

    I share and offer my paintings and drawings with you, understanding that all Earth life is one and interconnected. We live in a moment where we can co-create and nurture our Planet at the same time. Thank you for being here. Be welcome ♥