Art for Children

Sente a Natureza


A deeper connection to the Natural World

Creative Expression Atelier

Welcome to Sente a Natureza

In this sharing space, multi-sensorial activities will be oriented in the area of drawing, painting, and constructions, with elements and materials directly from the land. These activities are designed for children from 7 to 12 years old.
In the conventional education system, some children still have no space to expand their gifts, skills, and creativity. Children need to return to their Essence, to the integral being that they are.
Each being, came into this world to honor their gifts and talents, in service to the community, to create a world with more harmony.
It doesn’t matter what your gifts are… The most important thing is to use them in the service of the greater good. Always placing our heart and love in what we do, whatever its expression.

We are all sources of divine expression

Here are some topics we are going to develop:

~Re-discover new senses and develop a love for Nature

~Expand imagination and creativity

~Create memories with and in Nature

~Respect each being of the Earth

~Learn basic notions about Art

~Co-create in partnership with the Universe

~Nurturing our planet with love, harmony, and beauty

~To listen to the voice of the heart and soul

~Re-discover new meaning and magic in the natural world

And so much more…

One-on-one online Session: 45 minutes

Open Soon

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In each Child there is a seed of hope and love.


A nest…
A few months ago, a little bird built its nest here near our house and used this plant, the Tillandsia usneoides (better known as Old Man’s Beard). They were already born, and soon they start to fly.
In this nest, I used this plant and instead of the traditional eggs, I used painted avocado pear seeds. You can paint, or leave to the natural the seeds you choose. Through its seeds, each fruit contains a message of abundance, of multiplication. Protect your nest, and plant your seeds when you can in an Edible Garden.
Use the materials you have available in your home. Everything can be recreated, just imagine.
Build your nest and share your experiences.