Notes of gratitude

Notes of Gratitude

“My one on one with Cristina was super duper wonderful. She was very humble in her approach to her artwork and techniques. I felt comfortable asking all of my art/paint questions. She showed me what she uses to grind rocks, types ostone/rocks, and how she mixes pigments to make paint, how to properly store the binder(s)/pigments/paints and methods that have worked for her that she has found useful in her journey as an artist. Cristina was able to answer questions I had about what brushes I should use for what type of art style I want to practice towards and introduced me to new art supplies I can use as well as going about in making a canvases process for her specifically.

Not many artists are open to teaching and showing their techniques, or behind the scenes / methods that ALSO work with the earth in their process and that was important for me to find a teacher that thinks and works like that with the earth in mind.. and it’s really refreshing and beautifully magical that Christina as an artist, does that. She shares what she has already learned, not only techniques but philosophically too her beliefs towards earth and I am very grateful I got to chat with her in the time I was able to have with her. We shared a lot of similarities! I had a great time.”   Estefany – USA

“We were very kindly welcomed by Cristina and enjoyed a workshop aquarel. Cristina is enthousiastic, patient and very inspiring.
We actually now believe we are artists-to-be. Thank you so much Cristina.”  Janick

“This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with me!!
Keep painting and sharing your gift with the world! I hope to visit Portugal one day.
Sending you so much love!”
Kristina Bucaram

“Te animo a que continúes creando belleza porque es una de las mejores formas de comunicar a Dios.”
Víctor Armenteros

“Par la simplification, Cristina met en lumière la beauté de la nature.” Waterloos Janine – Belgique

“Beautiful paintings. A different and yet intriguing perspective of Madeira Scenery.” Grace

“Strikingly beautiful, we have enjoyed your world very much.” Miles & Joy  – U.K

 “Parabéns pelo trabalho exposto, gostei da forma como a preto e branco conseguiu transmitir a vida da Natureza. Obrigada por nos dar a oportunidade de partilhar os seus sentimentos através da “simplicidade” da Natureza”.

“Uma excelente amostra da tua criatividade e leitura da natureza. Uma linha entre o real / irreal e a utilização dos sentidos, que nos permite fazer uma pequena viagem pelos “nossos mundos”…”

“Apetece fazer um poema olhando para os teus quadros… É sempre uma experiência encantadora estar perante a tua arte. Estas pinturas têm o condão de nos transportar a uma viagem interior, em busca da tranquilidade.”  Maria da Paz

“Que a natureza continue a ser musa inspiradora, para que mãos brilhantes a possam retratar…” Cristina & Pedro

“A simplicidade é o mais difícil de encontrar, depois de encontrar, torna-se complexa de significado.” Sílvio Cró

“Que uma força da Natureza que és tu, continue a presentear o fruídor com tão maravilhosas obras.” Diogo Goes

“Parabéns está suavemente bela, relaxante e encantadora. Espero continuar a ver pela vida fora o fruto dessa sensibilidade.”

“Thanks so much for the class last week! I look forward to Wednesday this week. My husband was wondering if he could join us as he is also keen to learn more. He painted a little bit back in High School.” Elizabeth 

“It is poetry. I am deeply touched by the subtle and serene beauty, but very intense, and the harmony of this painting. I have been contemplating it these days when I am working at the gallery. It strongly holds my attention and heart. The painter must be someone highly sensitive, spiritual and with a deep connection with nature.” “It is not only the sound of silence, it is the voice of Fine Silence.” “Me contemplating this tree makes me feel deep, peaceful, travel to another dimension and experience beauty at a divine level”. N.S.

“Dear Cristina, thank you very much for the lovely pigment with the cute mini book and gift wrap look. It looks very adorable. I love it very much!” Monica – Canada