Cosmic Blue Watercolor

Cosmic Blue Watercolor

Bring even more Magic to your life with this Cosmic Blue watercolor Pigment.

This pigment is designed for Artists, Plein Air Painters, and Travelers who want to feel and translate the magic of Nature. This is a handmade organic watercolor made from iron oxides, minerals and earth clays.

Raw pigments have preserved in their core the memories of life on earth from thousands of years ago. Each color has unique characteristics, that imprint her origins. 

This high-quality Earth Pigment has an Excellent Lightfastness, like all iron oxide colors.
A watercolor, made with love in small batches.

One Half Pan – 2,5 ml (Sold Out)

One Full Pan – 5 ml (Sold Out)

Color: Deep Ultramarine Blue

Ingredients: Pure pigment, water, natural resin and preservative, developed from ancient recipes

Pigment Origin: France

Transparency/Opacity: Semi-opaque

Lightfastness: Excellent

Being in Nature is a receptive process to the momentum and the wonders of the Landscape.

Observe the vivid light and the magnificent of the Stars!