Expand the Seed of Creativity


When you create you are being guided to discover other dimensions of your being.

Expand the Seed of Creativity

Welcome to my studio

Creativity is a seed that needs to be nurtured with plenty of love, to allow it to expand.

Creativity is vital energy, a superpower that runs through our entire Being. It moves us. When you give it a new meaning and channel it into more subtle forms, it manifests itself in surprising ways. This creative force is within us, we just need to orient it and transmute it to higher levels in order to receive all its magnetism.
Throughout your day you are always creating, be it through your thoughts, emotions, while making your meal…
You can create anything you want, through your imagination.

One of the characteristics that visibly distinguishes us from other living beings here on earth, is our ability to create and give body to our dreams.
It is not necessary to be an artist to be creative. We all have this inherent capacity, whatever our professional field. This capacity and creative versatility are in our deepest being, in our core.

If we can create all of this, imagine our Creator?

In this session, we will develop creativity, so that it can flow and surprising us with its magic.

1 Private Session: 45 minutes

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I am like a tree and realign myself with the elements.

” The creator made us creative. Our creativity is our gift from God. Our use of it is our gift to God.

Julia Cameron