Welcome to my Gift Shop

       I am so grateful to share with you what I love to create, special for you & loved ones. Here you can buy my works like paintings, drawings, natural Jewelry,…and be part of our Art Classes in Nature.
Directly from my studio in Madeira Island, they are sent worldwide, and it´s so wonderful to send it to my dear collectors’ homes. Thank you with all my heart for supporting my creations and dreams!

Natural jewelry

Collect Archival Prints

Earth Intuitive Painting



For each painting we sell, we offer one plant from our Endemic Flora, to grow in your garden. More than ever, we need to protect and restore our Native Forests and bring them to the city. 

Plant for the Earth.

 Reforestation of the native vegetation helps to prevent erosion, restore biodiversity, stimulates rich soils, and water. Re-creating our primal Forests is a way to expand healthy ecosystems that are more resilient to the elements.