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Natural Jewelry | Linen Collection 

Inspired in the Natural World, where everything is Possible and Magic.
Unique pieces & Limited Collections



Linen history

Natural linen is the oldest known fiber, and it was widely used in ancient Egypt.
Linen fiber comes from the flax plant. All parts of this plant are applied in countless ways in our lives, from clothing, food, and decoration. This delicate fabric, is also sustainable, as it requires less water and chemicals, for its production.
To design my Natural Jewelry, I use a Fine Linen thread, handmade in Europe, with a natural gray color, because it is produced with rainwater. Giving it a beautiful warm gray.
With time, it becomes softer and silkier to the touch, but still remains a very strong and durable fiber.


Basalt Stone | Necklace

Linen and a pure basalt stone from Madeira Basalt is a crystallized rock from magma. It is the transmutation of the fire element into the earth element. Very resistant, it’s an intergalactic rock, found on the Moon, Mars, Venus… Most of the seafloor is composed of this rock. It is incredibly powerful, rich in iron, magnesium, and magnetite, strongly magnetic. Ideal for those who want to bring more of the fire element into their lives. The original one in the photo is already sold. Each piece is unique and handmade. The necklace will be similar to this one. This is a Limited Collection



These pieces are made from natural materials, so we recommend that you do not get them wet.
With use, the linen becomes softer to the touch but still remains strong. It is a natural and beautiful process.

In wild nature, everything is in alignment and orchestrated in perfect imperfection. I love this raw and authentic simplicity in nature.