Learn to make your Inks from Nature

Reconnect with the Land

Welcome to my studio

Do you want to transform your artistic practice so that it is more in alignment with yourself and our planet ?
Then this one-on-one mentorship is for you.

In this sharing space, we are going deep into the magic colors from the earth. We will learn how to create paints from natural pigments, from minerals and plants.
I will share from my studio how I process my natural pigments, in live, step-by-step demonstrations.

Many people would like to start painting, but because of the chemicals in conventional paints, such as heavy metals, VOC’s, solvents, dangerous preservatives, and other substances we don’t even know the name of, and not having an airy space to work in, they still can’t continue to express their talent. Thankfully there are always solutions, and we can start again today, whatever your age because creativity is a natural process that is within you forever. And it just wants to be channeled to express the most beautiful thing you have inside.

Connect with your gifts
They bring out the beauty of your most authentic self

“Seed”, Earth on silk paper,2009

We are going to plant “seeds”
Making an analogy to the seed here. The seeds grow in silence, in total darkness and it is in that moment where nothing seems to be happening, that the roots will strengthen, grow, nurture, thus creating a beautiful tree.
This tree represents your Life, which adapts to each season. In an ebb and flow, like a respiration.

This is a path to walk with persistence, commitment, and total surrender to the beauty of the unknown.

Here are some topics that we will go deeper into:

~Learn how to find and collect your pigments in a sustainable way

~Natural pigments from minerals and plants

~Art supplies and tools

~How to process your pigments from the Land

~Healthy tips for artists in the studio

~Natural recipes

Now you will be able to create as safely and confidently as you have always dreamed. You will rediscover all the magic involved in the colors that the earth has to offer us.

2 Private Sessions: 60 minutes each

Limited availability

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In these one-on-one art classes, I will share with you how I make my natural inks from the Land.

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.”

Leonardo Da Vinci