Painting in Nature

Painting in Nature

In this plein air painting class, we will create through direct observation of Nature.

Discover Nature through Art.

A sensorial voyage through color…

This is a way to feel and understand the Landscape, its colors, movement, sounds and light. I will guide you through simple techniques to capture your motif.
The painting session takes place in the gardens of Funchal or in a landscape to be confirmed.
The technique we are going to use is Watercolor, graphite and charcoal.

This individual painting class includes all the materials to paint and draw.

The paints are prepared and handmade for each painting session.

We offer two options, one session of 1h30 minutes and one session of 2 hours.

1 Private Session: 1h30 minutes

1 Private Session: 2 hours

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We are going to paint directly in our beautiful gardens and landscapes from Madeira Island.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

Gary Snyder