Painting the Landscape

Painting the Landscape


This online course is dedicated to artists or art lovers, who want to paint their heartland landscapes.

In this course, I share with you from my studio my processes and methods, tips, and more in live, step-by-step demonstrations.

We are all connected to a Force of Nature that transcends us. By entering its magical world, you will rediscover yourself, in all your nuances, seasons, and emotions. You will hear its whispers, look at the light and the shadows, and be inspired by all the beauty of Nature.

Landscape painting is a way to reconnect with our Essence.


~HeArt manifestation

~Art supplies and tools (Brushes, palettes, Easels…)

~Mediums and binders

~Different supports

~Painting in the Studio and Plein Air Painting


~Alla Prima Painting

~Painting the Landscape with Land Colors

~Finding your Color Harmony

~Observation and Decoding the Landscape Elements

~The light 

~The structure of the Painting: The Envelope

~The Underpainting

~Painting from Memory 

~The Edges in the Painting

~Inspirational Books for your Art Journey

~Share your magic

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

This course has 7 live sessions, one-on-one, to give you a more personalized accompaniment. The times of the sessions will be scheduled according to the availability of both sides. Several questions will also be answered by email, during the course.

7 one-on-one individual Sessions: 60 minutes each

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“There is just as much beauty to us in the landscape as we are prepared to appreciate, and not a grain more.”

Henry David Thoreau