The Earth Studio Practice


Create your sustainable art studio

This online course is dedicated to all beginner or professional artists, who want to optimize and create their sacred space so that they have the possibility to create more sustainably.

We are going deep. I will share with you from my studio my processes and methods, tips, and more in live, step-by-step demonstrations.

There are some very volatile and harmful substances in art supplies that we are often not even aware of. Our body and our planet earth are wonderful living entities, which will guide us through its signals, the most beneficial path to follow, like an ancestral map, connected to our intuition.
These substances can be absorbed in many ways, as they are permeable through the pores of our skin, going directly into our bloodstream and respiratory system, or in the case of our planet, through the soils into the sea.

A few years ago, I decided to change my whole artistic process, to be more sustainable.

One of the questions I asked myself was, how could I create more harmoniously with Nature?

And the answers came, after listening to the signs, a lot of study and research.

I hope I can help you find this path of return and reverence for Nature.

There is a mistaken notion that natural paints are not durable. But many of them are, especially mineral pigments, such as iron oxides, which last for thousands and thousands of years.


~HeArt manifestation

~The Ancient Origens from Pigments 

~Learn how to find and collect your pigments in a sustainable way

~Natural pigments from minerals and plants

~Art supplies and tools

~How to process your pigments from the Land

~How to store your colors

~Mediums and binders

~Different supports

~Natural recipes

~Create your color palette

~How to take care of your materials

~Healthy tips for artists in the studio

~Painting with Natural Light

~Findind a sacred place in your home to create

~Optimize your studio

~Finding sustainable tools and materials to express your creativity

~Inspirational Books for your Art Journey

~Share your magic

~The sacred art momentum 

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate.

This course has a duration of 1 Month, with 5 live sessions, one-on-one. To give you a more personalized accompaniment. The times of the sessions will be scheduled according to the availability of both sides. Several questions will also be answered by email, during the course.

One month – 5 one-on-one individual Sessions: 60 minutes each

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Petrichor (n.)

The wonderful sweet smell of the earth after the rain.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.”

John Ruskin