DSC02928 copy 2.pngHello ! I’m Cristina

   I was born and live on Madeira, a volcanic Island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Which preserves a Native Forest. Being it, my main inspiration in the multiple expressions I create.

Here, you can find some of my work and be part of the Atelier Classes, through the courses that are available.
This is a place with the intention of reverence to Nature, as a living entity that connects us to the beauty of the world.
Welcome, dear collector, artist, and visitor.

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Landscapes made with Earth Pigments

What really moves me on this path of co-creation is the meaning and beauty that I find in Nature. Since I was a child I loved to observe her, the sounds, the movements, the light, and especially her colors. A few years ago, I decided to create my paints by hand with Earth Pigments. A journey of re-discovery, through the most profound and wild nature. Incorporating in my paintings the pigments found in these landscapes.

These colors have preserved in their core the memories of life on earth from thousands of years ago.

New Linen Collection

For Women who love Nature

This Limited Collection of Jewelry is special designed for you. It is developed applying one of the most ancients fabrics, Linen, and other elements directly from the land. I invite you to discover her…

Painting Classes | Atelier

Art in connection with the Natural World

In this space, we are going to learn, feel and expand the seed of Creativity we all have in our core. From my studio, I will guide you, in one-on-one private classes.

~Learn to make your Inks diretly from Mother Nature.

~Create a sustainable Studio Practice, in harmony with the Land.

~Express your Creativity, listening to the voice from your heart.

~Learn to paint Landscapes and so much more…

R E C E I V E   M Y   E M A I L   &   N E W S L E T T E R  

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